Hair Growth Products for Women

Oftentimes, women face a difficult challenge when drug treatments for androgenetic alopecia are a case in point. While a number of drugs may deliver good results to some extent, doctors are reluctant to prescribe them to these women. What’s more, many drug companies have declined test a number of drugs that would specifically prevent and finally treat certain patterns of baldness in females. The reason many physicians hesitate to prescribe certain hair growth products for women or other forms of treatments, are that they may affect your body’s androgen levels. First, they may want to determine if the hair loss comes about either because of excessive androgen within the system, or an over-reaction to normal amounts of androgen. Therefore, the physicians would at times recommend some topical treatments that you can apply directly to the scalp. Here are some of these hair growth products for women.

Hair Growth Products for Women : Minoxidil (Rogaine)

As one of the hair growth products for women, Minoxidil was first put into use as a medicine to treat high blood pressure in a tablet form. The Doctors noted that when they used this product to treat patients, these patients had excessive hair growth as a side effect. After conducting further research, the doctors realized that the moment they applied a minoxidil solution directly on the scalp, the hair growth was stimulated. When they applied it topically instead, the amount of minoxidil that the skin absorbed into the bloodstream was normally too little to cause any internal side effects. This product is widely available under the brand name Rogaine, as well as generic versions and seems to help those women who suffer from diffuse androgenic alopecia more effectively.

Spironolactone (Aldactone)

Spironolactone, whose brand name is Aldactone, is in a class of hair growth products for women referred to as Potassium-sparing diuretics. The doctors often prescribe Spironolactone for reducing the amount of fluid within your body without having to lower the level of potassium. This hair loss product can also be used in treating high blood pressure, a hormonal disorder referred to as hyperaldosteronism, swelling, as well as potassium deficiency. This product acts as an anti-androgen in two ways. First, it reduces the production of androgens in both the ovaries and the adrenal glands. Secondly, it stops the androgens from having to act by hindering dihydrotestosterone from getting hold of its androgenenic receptor. Therefore, Spironolactone is by far one of the best hair growth products for women.

Hair Growth Products for Women : Cimetidine (Tagamet)

Cimetidine, whose brand name is Tagamet, belongs to a class of hair growth products for women referred to as histamine blockers used primarily to cure gastrointestinal ulcers. The blocking action of histamine hinders the stomach from having to produce excess acid, thus allowing the body to cure the ulcer. This product also possesses a powerful anti-androgenetic effect that has proven to stop dihydrosterone from having to bind the follicle receptor cites. The doctors have used Cimetidine in many occasions to treat excessive facial hair growth in women. This product has also delivered promising results in various studies of women who have androgenetic alopecia. In order to achieve positive results, high doses are often required. However, men are advised to refrain from using Cimetidine to treat their hair loss because the product may have some feminizing effects, as well as adverse sexual side effects.

Finasteride (Proscar, Propecia)

As one of hair growth products for women, Finasteride hinders the enzyme 5-alpha reductase from within the hair follicle, thus stops the production dihydrotesterone that harms the follicle. Dihydrotesterone makes the hair follicles to shrink and makes it hard for healthy hair to thrive. This product first came into use under the brand name Proscar to cure the prostate gland. The drug came in 5 mg pills. The brand name Propecia with a 1 mg version entered the market in 1998 as the first pill that FDA approved for hair loss in men. The drug works best in preventing hair loss triggers fast hair re-growth. Although this product works for some women, they must ensure that they are not pregnant when using it. It is also important that women should avoid getting pregnant while using this product because it may lead to birth defects in an infant. Unlike men who have transient side effects that include libido difficulties and erectile, women do not experience such side effects.

That said, many products that prevent against hair loss are available in the market. These products work best depending on the person who use them. Therefore, before you set out to buy one of them, you must consult your medical physician for the best advice on the same.

NeoGraft Hair Transplant

What is NeoGraft?

NeoGraft hair transplant is the first and the only FDA-approved follicular unit harvesting/implantation system. This system automates the FUE technique – the most advanced and technologically superior in the hair transplant industry. The revolutionary system utilizes pneumatic controls and exercises precision to extract the entire hair follicles to be instantly transplanted to specific areas of the scalp. This system is the only ‘NO TOUCH’ implantation technology in the market. It enables the patient to be comfortable while each follicle is removed individually. Hair loss is a challenging part of the aging process and people often strive to find better ways to curb this it, even if it means using advanced technology. NeoGraft hair transplant is based on NeoGraft advanced technology that enables patients to get natural looking results without linear scar, producing short recovery time and minimal downtime.

How NeoGraft Works

This system works by automating the surgical removal, collection, or placement of individual follicular hair, one at a time, enabling doctors to do their job without removing a large strip from the patient’s back of the scalp through a process known as Follicular Unit Transplant (STRIP FUT). Follicular-Unit Extraction (FUE) is the carefully targeted removal of individual hair follicles through a microsurgical procedure that is minimally invasive. And while it has been around for years, it is time consuming and costly for patients. NeoGraft hair transplant is a no-scalpel/no-stitch FUE hair transplants to create a fuller-looking hairline, with reduced recovery time and no-linear scar common with traditional hair transplants. Patients can now save money due to doctors’ ability to double grafts transplanted and shorten procedure times.

Who is a Good Candidate for NeoGraft Hair Transplant?

A good candidate for hair restoration surgery is that individual in good health, yet with moderate hair loss and adequate donor hair on the back of his/her scalp to enable transplant into the areas experiencing baldness. In fact, those with excessive donor hair, with great hair density and fullness can expect fuller results. Having reasonable cosmetic goals is also paramount. While hair transplantation is capable of achieving great natural results, it cannot restore the patient’s hair to the density s/he had during his/her teenage years. In a typical hair transplant session, the doctor assesses the amount of hair coverage necessary to provide the desired appearance.

How It is Performed

Typically, NeoGraft hair transplant involves taking hair from the back of the head (donor area) and placing it on areas that has suffered hair loss. The NeoGraft system employs a special type of technology capable of quickly removing the hair follicles from the donor area to implant them on balding areas. Using a controlled pneumatic pressure, NeoGraft smoothly slides out the graft without twisting or pulling, which can damage the graft. It is also the fastest method and allows the grafts to be re-implanted immediately, increasing success rates of the grafting process.

What Happens after the Implant?

NeoGraft hair transplant applies a simple science towards grafting – hair follicles are obtained from donor areas genetically programmed to continue growing. The follicles, which are living tissues growing cyclically, hold the transplanted hair. Just like normal hair growth in humans, transplantation is a constant process requiring a commitment of time. Once the process of implanting the hair follicle into your balding area is complete, the hair remains in place for 2-3 weeks before shredding. However, this should not worry you because your hair will continue growing naturally, but in a much healthier way.

How long does the hair last?

Typically, hair transplanted from the back and sides of the head (donor areas) should just continue to grow naturally for the rest of your life (the way it happens in the donor areas). Men often start developing signs of male pattern baldness early into their 20’s and can start experiencing hair loss at any time during their adult lives. On the other hand, hair loss in women is often more of a diffuse/ thinning pattern common in the age of 55-60. Note that hair loss does not stop totally after transplantation; some people often need maintenance with drugs that prevent hair loss and/or successive hair restoration sessions, especially for those who experience more balding patterns as they grow older. Therefore, progressive hair loss or patent’s desire for denser hair may create the need for more NeoGraft hair transplants. Consult with your doctor for an estimate of the number of procedures required to manage your balding pattern.

Hair transplant before and after

The candidates of hair transplantation have increases substantially as bald hair has become a common issue. The issues of stress, improper diet and worst lifestyle have resulted in the increase of individuals who are going through the issues of hair fall. Hair loss is not something that cannot be solved through a magical spell or a medicine. There are chances for many individuals to get highly affected by hair loss. Individuals can have a bad feeling and also may lose their self esteem and confidence due to intense hair fall. If you are an individual who is much concerned about the hair fall then you can think about hair transplantation. Hair transplant before and after should be taken into consideration so that you get more details about this things.

Before Hair Transplantation

There are many things that you need to consider for the purpose of going through hair transplantation. It is important for the individuals to know hair transplant before and after so that they understand the procedure and its related things.

Choosing Clinic, Surgeon and Technique

There are so many hair transplant clinics available in various parts of the major cities in the world and so it is not much easier to choose the clinic. It is important to consider the experience of the staff, price and also the efficiency of the treatment in their hospitals for better results. You should choose the surgeon who is much experienced with the technique so that you can get effective results. Surgeon who is efficient can provide you with the kind of technique that is more effective on finding solution for your hairless. The hair transplant before and after experience of the individuals who have used the same technique from the same surgeon can also be reviewed before making decision.

Things to Keep in Mind before Procedure

When you have found a clinic, a surgeon and technique and all set for the surgery, there are certain things that you should know before you go through the procedure. You should make your doctor get acquainted about the medical and health history of yours with the doctor. The medicines that you take can also have an impact on the success of the surgery and so your doctor will tell you what to do if you are going through the surgery. It is also important for avoiding any vitamin tablets that you take before the surgery. The habit of smoking and alcoholic consumption should also be avoided before surgery. Eggs and dairy products should also be ignored. The effects of hair transplant before and after can provide you with a great idea about the surgery.

After Surgery

Hair transplant before and after should be given much importance. It is not necessary for the individuals to just consider the things before surgery but should also consider certain things that need to be taken care after the surgery.

Things to Do after Surgery

From the night of the hair transplant to the next few nights, it is asked to sleep with elevated head on pillows. If it is necessary for the individuals then the surgeon provides medication for both pain and sleep. The next morning after hair transplant, it is recommended to remove hair band for showering and shampooing scalp for about three times. The next day the surgeon examines to find out whether things are fine with you. In the rest of the days in that week after surgery, it is required to shower twice a day and also to use special shampoo on the grafted area. Alcohol should be avoided for the three days following surgery and should wear hat when exposed to sunlight that is much severe. It is necessary to avoid intense exercise for many weeks after the hair restoration process. The hair transplant before and after should be given much importance.

Things to Expect After the Hair Surgery

The hair transplant can be observed only minimally in the first few days after the surgery. After the first week or some ten days, the hair transplant cannot be detected. The hair transplant before and after can be easily noticed if you are observing well. There are chances for swelling to occur on forehead, eyes and nose which reduce gradually with time.

How much is a Hair Transplant

A hair transplant is carried out on people who want to have a fuller head of hair. If you are wondering how much is a hair transplant, it is important to note that the procedure costs tend to vary depending on how much hair needs to be transplanted. The procedure involves removing a small section of your scalp from the back of your head and using it to fill up areas that have little or no hair.

Hair Replacement Needs

Hair transplants are usually carried out in a doctor’s office and you only need local anesthesia for the procedure. In most cases, a “per graft” basis is used to determine how much you will pay. This makes it difficult to give an accurate estimate for individual patients. If you are asking how much is a hair transplant, you can spend anywhere between $4,000 and $15,000. It is important to consult a hair transplant surgeon before the procedure is performed to help you determine exactly how much you will be required to pay.

Factors that Determine Costs

If you are asking how much is a hair transplant, there are various factors that will influence the procedure costs. These factors include:

· Extent of hair loss experienced

· Available donor hair

· Donor hair characteristics

· Desired outcomes

The hair that is used for your transplant can either be obtained from your scalp or a donor. The curl, texture, and color of the donor’s hair will influence how much you pay for the procedure.

Number of Hair Grafts

If you are wondering how much is a hair transplant, you need to know the number of hair grafts required. It is possible to undergo more than one hair transplant procedure to attain desired outcomes. The more hairs you have transplanted during a single procedure, the less you will be required to pay for every graft. Your surgeon will conduct a hair and scalp analysis to establish the extent of the procedure required to help you attain your desired goals. Hair transplant costs tend to vary from between $3 and $8 per graft. But this cost can be higher depending on the surgeons and medical facility that you choose for the procedure. If you are asking how much is a hair transplant, you can do some research on the prices offered by the leading facilities and settle on one that suits your budget.

Surgery Fees

This is one of the most important components in hair transplant costs. Hair transplants tend to be expensive because the procedure is carried out by a large number of highly qualified medical personnel. You may have more than 10 individuals working on a single patient during a transplant. This is one of the main reasons why this procedure is so costly. To calculate the amount of money you will be required to pay for the surgery, the doctors will estimate the number of follicular units that your scalp requires for you to have a fuller head of hair. Follicular units tend to vary from one individual to another. This means that the estimate can either be lower or higher. But the surgeons will monitor the exact number of follicular units that they transplant during the procedure to come up with a more accurate cost.


If you are wondering how much is a hair transplant, there are various payment and financing options that are available. Financing offers an affordable and efficient way for you to pay for the hair transplant procedure. Consult the facility and individual surgeon you intend to use for the procedure to determine if they accept financing options. In most cases, the financing options are provided by third parties. It is possible to get reasonable monthly payments to finance the procedure. A hair transplant may seem expensive but it is cost effective because the outcomes are long term and more natural. If you were to opt for a non surgical option such as using a hair loss medication or special hair system, you will end up spending a lot more money. A hair system can cost you about 1,200 but you need to replace it after every one year. You also have to consider the reattachment costs and grooming that has to be done after every six weeks. This means that you spend more on hair systems compared to a hair transplant. If you are wondering how much is a hair transplant, it is important to consider all the financing options available and settle for the most affordable one.

Top 5 ways to heighten natural hair regrowth

As most individuals would readily know stunted growth of hair or even hair loss can be caused by a wide range of factors. Top among them been genetics, the aging process, diet, lifestyle and even certain kinds of medical conditions. While most people believe that hair loss is permanent, the truth is there are fortunately failsafe methods for absolutely natural hair regrowth that can go a long way in promoting the synthesis of strong, lustrous and healthy hair. The following are some tips on how to regrow your hair after a protracted period of neglect or as a side effect to any medical condition.

Learn to eat food that is good for the hair

As most well informed individuals would appreciate hair is made of protein, and by incorporating a protein-rich diet you can be on the highroad to natural hair regrowth in more ways than one. Foods such as lean meats (chicken and turkey), eggs, fish, beans and even soy products promote keratin synthesis, which is basically the building blocks of hair. Omega 3 fatty acids that can be found fish and plant oils are also noted for the effective breakdown of vitamin A, D, E and K, all of which are critical in hair growth. Avoid trans fats, saturated fats and hydrogenrated oils, which have all been linked to hair loss.

Increase your intake iron, zinc, vitamin C and E

You should also try to get sufficient iron and zinc into your system, which are both invaluable in natural hair regrowth in a rapid manner. Iron works by facilitating effective oxygen delivery to hair follicles. Lean meats are especially rich in iron. Should you be a vegetarian you can consider beans, lentils and soy products. Zinc on its part helps in the repair of tissues which ensures that the oil glands found around the follicles are sufficient and working properly. Oysters, low fat roasted beef, roasted pumpkin, wheat germ and dark chocolate are all excellent sources of zinc. You should also make sure you take enough vitamin C and E, which are integral in the natural hair regrowth process. Vitamin C is responsible for the appropriate development of hair and also assists in the breakdown of iron. Vitamin has been noted to prevent hair loss by enhancing proper blood flow in the scalp, which facilitates for quick hair growth. Eat drinks and foods that are rich in these essential vitamins such as citrus fruits, broccoli, spinach and so on. You can also supplement your diet with vitamin C and E supplements.

Minimize excessive styling of hair

Certain chemical applications have been known to trigger thinning, damage or at extreme hair loss, if improperly executed. Avoid repeated perming, chemical/mechanical hair straightening and bleaching. All of which have been proven to significantly change the natural composition of hair. You should also avoid hairdos that exert a lot of strain on the hair. Tight cornrows and ponytails pull the hair back, which puts excessive stress on the hair follicles.

Ascertain whether you have medical conditions that hinder hair growth

Should you find natural hair regrowth extremely difficult to achieve, please try to determine if you have any medical condition that is linked to stunted hair growth or loss. Conditions such as low blood count, hormonal imbalances and certain thyroid ailments can be detrimental to hair growth. On the other hand, certain medications like oral contraceptives, acne medications and even antidepressants have been associated with hair loss. You should also check for scalp infections like those attributed to ringworms or follicitis which can damage the scalp preventing the healthy growth of hair.

Try to integrate natural home remedies into your regular hair care regimen

Additionally, there are some natural hair regrowth home remedies that have proven to be very effective. Some of the most popular include washing your hair with a mixture of aloe vera and honey or tomatoes, aloe vera and olive oil or even plain rosemary water. The extract cassia auriculata which happens to be one of the main ingredients in most effective herbal hair care products can also be invaluable. It stimulates hair growth by enhancing proper blood circulation within the scalp, while also possessing antibacterial properties making it ideal for treating scalp disorders. You can also try out a formulation of rose petals which can nourish, sooth and remove flaky skin from the scalp, promote blood flow and even add volume to your hair. While also enhancing natural hair regrowth in a relatively quick manner.

FUE Hair Transplant Cost

For many years, hair loss has always been a universal problem. Back in the days, people did not have a solution to restore lost hair and this led to baldness which was quite embarrassing for most people. However, with the great advancement in technology, there are very many effective ways of restoring lost hair. One of the effective methods of treating baldness is hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant surgery involves removal of hair from one part of the body to another part, where thinning has taken place. The procedure has proven to be very effective in treating male pattern baldness, which is one of the most common causes of baldness in men. An increasing number of woman who suffer from hair thinning are also going for this procedure. There are several types of hair transplant procedures available today. One of the procedures is called FUE hair transplant. Below is more information on FUE hair transplant cost and other facts you should know.

FUE : Follicular Unit Extraction

Follicular unit extraction’ is minimally invasive hair-transplant technique where hair follicular units are removed from the donor area and then transplanted to recipient area. Grafts are removed with the help of an automated extraction-tool and later placed in the thinning part. No scar is left behind and stitches arenot needed. This method of hair-transplant is becoming very popular because of its many advantages. SUE is best suited for people who wish to wear their short hair, people with very limited donor supply of scalp elasticity and those who don’t want to a linear scar. So, what is the actual FUE hair transplant cost?

FUE Hair Transplant Cost

The cost depends on many factors such as graft, follicle quality, surgeon and location of the clinic. The average cost project costs between $3 and $8. The number of grafts depends on baldness severity. Estimating the grafting region & follicle requirements is actually the most important part of the whole transplantation process. In FUE hair transplant, the strand quality must match with scalp hairs. These play a significant role in determining the operation expenses. Different artificial strands are available and cost between $3 and $6.

Surgeon Expenses

Different surgeons at different places will charge different. If you get the surgery in a big city, then, the cost will tend to be a bit higher compared to when it’s done in a smaller town. A highly qualified surgeon will also tend to charge more compared to a surgeon who just started practicing. If you go to a private clinic, FUE hair transplant cost is pretty low. However, if a patient undergoes this surgery in a large clinic, the total cost will definitely rise.

Get the Right Surgeon

It’s very important that you get a highly qualified surgeon to carry out this procedure. FUE hair transplant cost is quite high and so getting the right surgeon will ensure that you get value for your money and above all a successful hair restoration. First, ask for references from friends and family who have undergone this procedure. This will give you an opportunity to understand the procedure and verify the results yourself. Hair loss can be a sensitive and personal issue. This means, if you found someone to speak to, then you will be able to share their knowledge and experience. Once you get a few recommendations, consider the credentials of the doctor; the certificates, degrees and other training programs will indicate expertise. A poorly-skilled doctor will not be able to sustain his/her practice for long. Also make sure the surgeon is from a renowned association or institute. You can also go online and read reviews from different people. Reviews and testimonials on the web of a particular surgeon can actually help you make an informed decision.

Discuss FUE Hair Transplant Cost Before the Surgery

The FUE method is generally more expensive than other types of hair transplantation. However, there has been a significant reduction in the overall cost of this procedure in the recent times. Always make sure you are very clear about the entire cost before you decide anything. Discuss everything about FUE hair transplant cost beforehand; ask for each and every single detail about the procedure and charges. Make sure, you get an estimate before you start the procedure. Go through the estimate and check if there are any additional charges or hidden costs.

Hair Cloning

What is Hair Cloning?

Hair cloning has emerged as one of the most promising treatments of a condition called ‘Androgenetic Alopecia’ or the commonly occurring genetic hair loss. Androgenetic Alopecia is a matter of extensive research for hair restoration physicians across the globe. Cloning hair involves multiplying a germinative hair follicle cell outside the body and then re-implanting it into the scalp to allow it to grow into new hair follicles and subsequently permanent hair.

This field of research has become widely subscribed to by scientists all over the world not only because of its rapidly developing nature but also because hair cloning has shown the potential to become an effective and fail safe treatment for common hair loss: something that humans have been longing for since several decades.

Hair cloning methods:

The process of cloning hair is essentially based on the ability of the DP cells or the dermal papilla cells to stimulate formation of new hair. DP cells are found at the base of hair follicles. They can also be grown and cultured to produce them in large quantities from a small number.

While there is no denial that a considerable amount of work still needs to be done on this method of growing hair to make it a viable treatment for hair loss, there are four basic techniques that are widely in use these days. They are:

· Implanting Dermal Papillae Cells Alone

· Implanting Keratinocytes with Dermal Papillae Cells.

· Implanting Miniaturized Follicles and Cloned Dermal Papillae Cells close to each other.

· Implanting Cells Using a Matrix

Let us have a sneak peek into each of them one by one:

1. Implanting Dermal Papillae Cells Alone

It involves implanting DP cells alone into the dermis. This causes the overlying skin cells called the keratinocytes to be converted into hair follicles. This is often referred to as Follicular neo-genesis because new hair is formed on a scalp that was previously bald.

2. Implanting Keratinocytes with Dermal Papillae Cells

In this technique, DP cells and Keratinocytes are cultured together until hair formation begins to take place. Such cultured hair, also known as “proto hairs” are then implanted into the skin. The main advantage of this technique is better orientation because of proto hairs.

3. Implanting Cloned Dermal Papillae Cells and Miniaturized Follicles close to each other.

The dermal papillae cells induce keratinocytes of follicles that have miniaturized to grow into terminal hairs. The major benefit of this technique is that it gives a more natural look because the miniaturized follicles already have proper structure and orientation.

4. Implanting Cells Using a Matrix

This technique involves placing either DP cells alone or in combination with keratinocytes in a matrix of a synthetic material or collagen. The matrix assists in organizing the cells to form a follicle and give a direction to the hair growth.

Cautions to be exercised:

The fact remains that there are a number of cautions that need to be exercised while carrying out hair cloning. Firstly the most appropriate follicular component needs to be determined. Secondly, the extracted cells need to be successfully cultured outside the body. Thirdly, the matrix of cells needs to be in place to keep them aligned during their growth and lastly, the cells need to be injected into the scalp in such a manner that they continue to grow.


It is not certain that the follicles that have been induced in the scalp will continue to grow and produce significant hair. It is also not assured that once they shed in the normal hair cycle, they will grow again normally. Another issue with cloning hair is that cells in the culture start de-differentiating as they grow and begin acting like fibroblasts rather than hair. One of the major challenges in front of researchers is to find the proper environment in which the cells can grow and maintain a hair like state.

Hair cloning is very often used to broadly describe a certain set of ideas being implemented to come over the problem of hair loss. Classically, there is a lot of difference between hair cloning and any other technique of treating baldness.

There are several other innovations on the horizon that will offer hope to people suffering from hair loss in the future. With the ever growing enthusiasm of humankind to invent something new, the possibilities seem to be really exciting and are certain to provide relief against hair loss in future.

Cost of Hair Transplant Surgery

The Costs Saving Techniques While Making Use of the Hair Transplant Surgeons

There are many ways that can be sued to reduce the cost of hair transplant. Most of the people who are in need of such services are complaining of paying more while undergoing such surgeries. It is therefore very important for anybody who is willing to undergo the surgery to look for some of the tricks they can use so as to save the total cost. Such people who just rush to any surgeon without considering such cost saving tactics are the same people to complain of paying more when they will realize that there existed some of the cost saving tactics they would have used. It is therefore advisable that before making use of any surgeon, you must go through the nature of the services and the prices of different surgeons. This will give you a chance to explore other cost saving tips. Here are some of the tips that can be used to reduce the cost of hair transplant:

Compare Several Hair Transplant Surgeons before Choosing One

This can be done easily by visiting their websites. You will just go through all the websites available and check on the nature of services they offer. It is normally advisable that you should not ignore any site before making any decision. After you have checked all the websites, you should choose the one with the lowest price range and the quality of the services they offer are within the required range. This will increase your scope of choices as opposed to being limited to one surgeon. By doing so, you will be able to reduce the cost of hair transplant. You should be careful not to over concentrate on the price such that the quality of the services you will get is compromised.

Try As Much As Possible To Avoid Intermediaries

These are the people who are the links between the surgeons and the people who want to have the surgery. They will introduce you to the surgeon at a fee. This will not be like for the case where you go directly to the surgeon. This will give you a chance to eliminate the charges that would have been used to pay the middlemen. Therefore to reduce the cost of hair transplant surgery, one should go to the surgeon and eliminate the middlemen.

Use the Online Method to Access Their Services Instead Of Using the Physical Methods

This is where you will not travel to their place in order to get any information you need. You will just use the internet to access all the information by visiting their websites. The online method will save your cost since you will not be traveling physically to their place. This means that you will not pay the traveling expenses and any other costs that are related to traveling such as the accommodation fee and the cost of meals. Therefore to reduce the overall cost of hair transplant, one should be able to access the information needed using the online methods instead of the physical means.

Make the Required Referrals from the Experts before Choosing a Surgeon to Do the Surgery

The experts are very important people when it comes to reducing the total cost of the surgery. This is mainly due to the fact that they have been using this type of surgery for a longer period of time. They can give you some of the tips they have been employing so as to reduce the cost of hair transplant. Besides, such people can take you to some of the surgeons they know and you will be able to access the best services at the lowest price possible. At the end of it, you will be able to reduce the overall cost.

Read the Reviews of Other People before Choosing the Surgeon to Perform the Transplant

These are the people who have used their services and they can say some useful information about the costs of the transplant. In case the people are posting some positive comments about the prices of their surgery, then you should consider such surgeons. If other people are reviewing negatively about their prices, you should still take some time to look for the best option. By reading the comments of such people, you will be able to reduce the total cost of hair transplant.

Best Hair Transplant Doctors

Selecting the Best Doctors for Hair Transplant

It is very important to look for the best hair transplant doctors in case you want the operation of hair transplant done. There are many doctors but selecting the best is a bit challenging to majority of the people. It is therefore very important to look for some of the practices that can be done so as to choose easily the best hair transplant doctors to perform the operation. The mistake that is done by some people is just rushing to any available doctor without considering such factors and they will end up not getting the best services they want. Making use of the best doctors will not only give you a chance of getting the best services buy you will also get them at the best prices. This means that it is very important to take time looking for the best doctors. Are you planning to utilize such services? Here are the ways you can apply so as to identify and land easily on the best hair transplant doctors:

Seek Useful Referrals from Experts

These are individuals who have been in the field for a reasonable period of time and they know all the tactics that can guide you easily to land on the best doctor. With the medical experience they have, you will be assured of getting the best services. You can approach different experts and request them to guide you with some of the tips they have been utilizing so as to choose the best experts. This way, you can identify the best tips that are easily applicable and apply them. Besides, such people can take you to the best doctors they know and you will be assured of getting the best services you need. Therefore you should not ignore the roles of the experts and you will definitely land on the best doctor.

Take Time to Compare All the Doctors Available

Sine there are many doctors, it is very wise to go through what different doctors available have to offer. After exploring all the available sites of the doctors, you are expected to choose the one you think is the best according to your needs. The people who need such services are encouraged to exhaust all the available websites before making any solid decision. You are required to choose with the best services at the best prices. By comparing them, you will be able to choose the best hair transplant doctors.

Ask Other People Who Have Used Their Services

These are those close people who have utilized their services and they happen to be the right people to feed you with the information you need about choosing the best hair transplant doctors. You can analyze some of the steps they applied and choose the ones that are very applicable and effective for your case. This will increase your chances of landing on the best doctor. Therefore you should take some time to identify the people around who have used their services before choosing.

Read the Testimonials of Other People

They are the testimonies of other people who have utilized their services. They will be posting their views and testimonials regarding the nature of the hair transplant services they experienced. You should therefore take some time to go through such comments and at the end; you will be able to identify the best hair transplant doctors. The comments are usually posted on their websites and their social media pages. Accessing such sites will give you a chance of selecting the best doctor you need and you will be assured of getting the best services.

You Should Check the Experience of the Doctors before Deciding

There are those doctors who have been in the field for a very long span of time. They are capable of handling and providing a solution to any problem related to hair transplant. In order to identify the best services, you should consider the doctors with a lot of field experience who are capable of giving you the best services. There are those doctors who are new in the field and they are easily challenged by the problems associated with hair transplant. Therefore for you to identify the best hair transplant doctors, consider those with a lot of field experience. Such doctors are capable of offering the best hair transplant services.

Hair transplant for women

What are the Types and advantages of hair transplant for women?

Hair loss is a defect commonly associated with men, but it often affects some women due to genetic reasons. In older men or men at an advanced age, hair loss is an expected thing. However, when it occurs to someone who is younger, then it becomes worrying. Hair transplant for women is one of the most formidable solutions to hair loss in women. Hair transplant involves the permanent hair replacement which restores lost hair and covers the bald part of the head. There are many types of hair transplants that women can choose from and this will depend on the extent of the hair loss or damage. Hair transplant is a medical procedure which involves the removal of some portions of hair from the back part of the head. The hair portions are then transplanted on the bald part of the head. It is however important to remember that before you undergo any hair transplant procedure you must get medical advice and clearance from your doctor and remember to have it done by a qualified and experienced surgeon. This will eliminate the chances of developing unnecessary scars after the surgery has been concluded. The following are a few types of hair transplant procedures which can be of help to women.

Hair harvesting procedure

In hair harvesting, a scalp bearing hair cells is trimmed from the back part of the donor’s head and then carefully transplanted on the balding part of the head. This type of hair transplant for women is among the most common procedures used in managing hair loss. In this procedure the doctor or surgeon determines the size of scalp to be donates depending on the size of the bald part of the head. After the scalp bearing hair has been trimmed from the back part of the head it is then closed by stitching.

The follicular unit hair transplantation procedure

This hair transplant for women is normally used when correcting hair loss on the front part of the head. In this procedure, the surgeon makes use of the follicular hair units before carrying out the scalp transplant. After the scalp transplantation the hair grafts are normally left to grow on their own.

The follicular extraction procedure

This hair transplant procedure involves the separation of follicular hair grafts before they are transplanted. The process of separation is a microscopic process normally done in the laboratory. The hair grafts to be transplanted must contain blood vessels and hair follicle.

The scalp reduction surgery and scalp expansion surgery

This medical procedure involves the complete removal of the bald section of the hair scalp. After removing the bald part the rest of the scalp is then pulled together and then the surgeon carefully stitches them together. In scalp expansion hair transplant procedure the scalp bearing hair is expanded first by simply Placing tissue expanders below the scalp and then stretching the skin .The expansion enables the surgeon to increase the amount of hair bearing tissues before carefully reducing the scalp.

The Benefits of Hair transplant for women

Before you can undergo any hair transplant procedure it is advisable to first seek the opinion of your doctor on the dangers and benefits on any hair transplant procedure. Hair transplant for women has obvious benefits which drive many bald women to undergo the procedure. Different types of hair transplant for women procedures have different benefits some of which include the following:

-Overall improved appearance
The most obvious advantage of any hair transplant for women procedure is that it restores the youthful appearance. It saves you from the annoying hair loss and baldness and gives you a more attractive appearance. Hair transplant makes you look like your real age and gives you a strong and positive appearance especially when attending to your daily duties. With the transplant don,e you will not have to worry about putting on artificial hair pieces because your head will be full of natural hair.

-Enhanced self-esteem
When one starts losing hair at an early age, their self esteem goes down and this might affect them socially and psychologically. Hair transplant for women can help one regain her self esteem because the fear of walking around with a bald head will be gone after the transplant.